Foreign Trade Service

You can take advantage of the foreign trade services provided by our experts who have international certificates, to help you significantly reduce the risks related to your business by giving exporters real export opportunities within their markets, no exception to raise the level of local production.

What Would You Get When Dealing with “Vekildar”?
Trade Services Components

Import and Export

We rely on a long-term vision to give our customers a unique and unforgettable experience that beyond their expectations for everything related to the commercial exchange by providing products that enrich the life of the community, and meet the basic requirements, relying on creative leaders who are moving at a steady pace; To strengthen business links and address everyone in the language it understand.

Commercial Mediation

Reduce the travel inconvenience and costs through “Vekildar”, your trusted agent in the world of commercial mediation. We have a team of specialists who lead the negotiations on your behalf to reach the right price by arranging transactions, commercial deals between the two parties and reaching an agreement that satisfies everyone without foreknowledge.

Logistics Services

Helping you complete all the processes and procedures for transporting goods and products using all shipping methods, including express mail. Our activity includes providing everything related to receiving, packaging, warehousing, and management. Dealing with “Vekildar” ensures that you get everything you need to manufacture products and send them to new and targeted markets.

Advantages of Foreign Trade Service provided by “Vekildar”
Great services that help you create a competitive advantage within the markets.
Securing and transporting goods in a distinct and safe methods.
Achieving distinct financial returns from investments.
Radical solutions to control the various problems.
Improving your physical flow and reducing production costs for your products.
Facilitating your international trade and minimizing the potential risks.
With us you don’t have to travel on your own to complete your imports.
Getting the goods and products you need with the required specifications.
Following up the shipping process for your goods.
Using modern and advanced methods to ensure that your products arrive in a safe and distinct manner.
Providing appropriate solutions of disputes between the two parties to the service.
Creating a promising commercial environment that the buyer may not be aware of.
Opening your horizons for international cooperation and purchase large quantities of resources at cheap prices.
Expanding your targeted market to be able to attract new customers to your brand.
Sharing with you the latest technology that is useful for your business.
Giving you a variety go goods to secure the needs of billions of people.