Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Why Vekildar Company is the best?
We help you in choosing the right property according to your estimated budget.
We provide you with the best professional consultation by a dedicated and experienced team of workers.
We offer you a various collection of car models that you can rent.
We are committed to providing our customers with all our services in a professional manner that exceeds their expectations to ensure their 100% interest.
2. What is the unique feature of Vekildar Company's working team?

Our working team always provides you with guaranteed operations and the best services that fulfill your expectations, as it is aware of your goals and future aspirations to implement or expand your business.

3. Why we are able to provide distinguished services?

We have been able to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that we faced, as well as gain the trust of our customers due to the following:

Having effective and exceptional communication skills with our customers.
Managing business at an accelerated pace to complete the required tasks.
Depending on a prompt and polite response to all our customers’ questions.
Emphasizing on conducting in-depth and accurate coordination and planning of our services.
Exceeding the usual expectations of our customers upon the implementation of services.
Choosing a creative mindset working team in order to solve any problems that may arise upon providing the service.
Exerting efforts to implement the business with the best tools and at the lowest costs.
Committing to performing credibility and impartiality in coordinating the work.
Keeping abreast of the latest market topics in order to develop professional customer service.
Giving attention to the implementation of the details of our work to produce unique and unparalleled work.
4. What are the Turkish cities in which Vekildar provides its services?

Our company provides real estate services, general contracting and engineering solutions, tourism and travel, consultancy and foreign trade in the following cities of Turkey:

1. Istanbul.
2. Trabzon.
3. Kogali.
4. Ankara.
5. Mersin.
6. Hatay.
7. Bodrum.
8. Izmir.
9. Antalya.
5. What languages do we speak fluently?

Our customer service team are professional native speakers that can communicate in the following languages on a 24-hour basis:

Arabic Language.
English Language.
Turkish Language.
6. Does Vekildar Company have after-sales services?

Yes, we provide free of charge after-sales services for all areas of our work in order to increase the value of the service provided to our customers, because they are our true success partners.

7. What are the social media accounts of Vekildar Company?

The company is currently having its accounts on the following social media platforms:

8. How many hours does Vekildar Company work?

The company starts its work from 9 am to 6 pm on all the days of the week except (Saturday and Sunday). You can call us at any time if you have any questions or inquiries related to our services and we will answer you immediately, as our goal is to serve you at all costs.

9. How does Vekildar Company protect the privacy of my information?

We always consider your privacy as our priority, as we know that privacy and security are essential elements to our customers.

10. What should I do if my service was not performed as requested?

You can call the customer service team of the company and provide them with your problem to be followed up and resolved in less than 24 hours.

11. What are the real estate services?

Real estate services are among the lists of activities carried out by the working team of “Vekildar Company” to facilitate the purchase and sale of real estate units in Turkey for our customers.

12. What is the average price of a property in Turkey?

The prices of real estate properties vary according to the city in which the property will be located, but in general, the prices range from USD 50,000 to USD1,000,000.

13. How long does it take to buy a property in Turkey?

The working team of Vekildar Company, after completing all the procedures with us, will take several days to complete the required procedures.

14. Is it possible to visit the property and see its location before the purchase process?

Yes; our team provides inspection tours to all customers and leaves them the final choice.

15. What is the role of the commercial broker in Vekildar Company?

Commercial brokerage is among the services that distinguish our company. The commercial broker plays an important role in concluding the contracts and facilitating the financial business without any legal interference.

16. Can the working team of Vekildar Company manage my property?

Our team, pursuant to the Turkish Rental La, can rent and receive tenant income and periodically transfer it to your account.

17. Is it possible to travel abroad at the lowest costs?

Yes; the company can help you book airline tickets, enjoy the best tourist places and stay in luxury hotels at the lowest possible costs.

18. Can I see the status of travel application?

Yes, you can ask and inquire about your treatment, recreational or investment service at any time by calling us on our WhatsApp number or via our email.

19. What does the health sector service look like in Vekildar Company?

We provide our customers with health care services based on the specialized knowledge of the patient and his requirements, to choose the best in terms of:

Public Hospitals.
Private Clinics.
University Hospitals.
20. What is Warranty Policy of Vekildar Company?

We build confidence and support you with a high-level performance according to specific specifications and commitments as follows:

Following up the processes and procedures directly by a veteran legal team in the laws of the Republic of Turkey
Giving customers complete comfort in examining the product before filling any application, as well as following up on the shipping processes and examining the product directly by a specialized team in order to ensure that the sample matches the rest of the products.
Dealing with the cases, which require a certain period for service examination with formal contracts to give the customer confidence and security in dealing with us.