Vekildar Co. represents main principles and provisions to guide the site user to know about our policy and the rights related to the use of information we collect from registered members.

Data Processing Trends
The following information and data are processed:

1. Users

The user/ member’s name, e-mail, and its internal activity in the website are processed based on its voluntarily acceptance. When filling out the Suggestions and Requests form.

2. Visitors

Visiting information of the site visitors is processed in accordance with Law No. 5651.

3. Purchasing  

Personal data is processed for the scope of purchases in relation to the tax ID No. of the “personal supplier”, name, surname, banking details, financial information, and contact information such as: address, phone number, and e-mail.

4. Comments Content

When visitors comment on our site, we analyze those comments by knowing the visitor’s IP to detect the anonymous messages, and determine if there is any spam.

Internet Protocols

Cookies are texts that your browser asks you to record following specific criteria. When you log in to our site, you are required to agree to cookies (Internet Protocols), which include (IP addresses, browser and language, access time and date, operating system number and name). The purpose of knowing this information is to improve services, analyze the technical and professional requirements of the website related to customer needs.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Implementation and follow-up of contract related to Purchasing and services.
Fulfill the financial obligations and ensure compliance with legal processes.
Ensure the follow-up and management of companies and individuals.
Developing products and improving the processes in line with visitor needs.
Collecting important life data to provide the client‘s needs.
Create a portfolio of potential clients as a result of collecting identities and contact information.
Ensure the continuity of the implementation and development of projects.
The payment and issuance of the expense voucher and invoices.
Providing the necessary consulting services required for what is needed by individuals and companies.

Confidentiality of Personal Data

As we use the latest technical and technological methods and prevent data from being manipulated by unauthorized persons. All personal data recorded on our website is kept confidential and is not shared with any third parties for any commercial purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Personal Data Protection

The following procedures are how Vekildar ensure the security of the personal data it processes, in order to prevent illegal access, and illegal processing of the data, these procedures are:

All pages whose data is processed are protected by SSL certificate.
Take encryption, access management, transaction history, and security procedures to ensure that information systems containing personal data are protected from unauthorized access.
Protect the website and all systems containing personal data with a network firewall.
Using cookies on our website, which are intended to track the activity of visitors on our website.

Can E-Mail Subscription Service Be Disabled?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from receiving news and notifications from our services at any time.

Your Rights on Vekildar Website

In accordance with the protection of personal data, we allow you to:

Find out whether personal data has been processed or not.
Information about the processing of personal data can be requested.
Knowing what parties, the personal data may be sent to, whether in the country or abroad.
The ability to request correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrect.
Delete or destroy personal data within the framework of legal terms.
Objection against someone through the data analysis and processing.
Claiming compensation on the event of damage or loss due to an unlawful breach of personal data.

Data Sharing Situations:

Mostly, we keep the information confidential and do not disclose it to any third parties, but this does not prevent our dominance in disclosing personal information of employees, consultants and clients whenever needed:

Legal practices and procedures.
Defend the legal rights of others to prevent fraud.
Follow the agreements and terms that maintain the safety of visitors.
Implementation of terms to protect the legal property rights of the site.

Vekildar and Maintaining Personal Data Accuracy

We process personal data in an up-to-date way to ensure that the data is correct, as well as we give people the space to make changes and update practices on the data by using one of the waysof contacting us:

Tel: 00905331990012