Tourism and Travel Service

We combine between the experience of travel consultants and modern technology to improve travel requirements in all countries of the world, especially the dreamland of Turkey and its sea-side provinces such as (Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Mersin, Trabzon) for our customers. our mission is to provide an integrated and comprehensive travel plan starting from reducing the spending of ticket reservations Flights, luxury hotels, cruises, trains, car rentals and even end to enhance our translation service and make our translators available all the time.

Departments of Tourism and Travel Service in Vekildar
1. Tours
We organize family and leisure trips according to the budgets of our customers.
Organizing seasonal and marketing trips.
Develop a list of the most prominent tourist places for short trip programs.
Providing various romantic packages and honeymoon packages for unique places.
Manage expeditions around the world.

2. Reservation of Airline and Train Tickets

We Reserve your trip around the world without consequences based on a well thought out travel plan.

3. Health Tourism

We provide the best medical facilities (hospitals, centers, clinics) that provide good medical and therapeutic levels that improve your health.

4. Cruises

We provide cruises all-inclusive the possibility of Renting a yacht, and night ships to enjoy cruises to the best destinations in the towns and cities of Turkey.

5. Private Flight Rental

We provide for our customer’s helicopter Rental offers that suit their needs and budget in a unique way.

6. Visa Extraction

Vekildar has a specialized team that helps you to know travel requirements, facilitate reservations travel dates, and issuing a visa.

7. Hotel Reservations

We provide a various hotel reservation, and offer you a wide range of options to make the most appropriate decision.

8. Car Lease

We provide you a luxury car lease service with or without a driver for all tourist destinations in Turkey.

9. Interpretation

We can be with you throughout your journey and make it easier for you to understand others without suffering thanks to our professional team of translators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Are Your Elected Representative
Why Vekildar in the Service of Tourism and Travel?
We Reserve your flight in the best destinations in the world.
Our team is ready for interpretation at any time.
We help you to choose the best health-care settings.
We help you to get the visa.
We remove the obstacles and complexities of travel.
We maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your data.