Real Estate Services

We seek to provide real estate services to investors over the globe. to get your dreams and make them real, we have a dedicated team that provides a great and distinguished package of professional real estate assistance for renting or reselling. We also give you a chance to see the property up close, and check the different buildings with great designs.

What Would You Get When Dealing with “Vekildar”?
Real Estate Marketing

We are ready to develop strategic plans to market your real estate business and raise it to the top, as well as meet the new needs in the market and keep your activities efficient and flexible by combining both Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, through our cooperation with municipalities and relevant organizations and access to reports related to the property to be bought or sold, and thoroughly inspecting it and making sure that it does not contain any future or past problems. As we are a real estate expert consultants able to determine the current market value of the sale/ purchase of property owners or buyers with the right property value to effectively save time and money. With us, you will get effective and measurable results that focus on a positive ROI. Don’t fall behind and start now investing in digital real estate marketing, and give your company a competitive edge in this sector with our help.


Real Estate Development

Being one of Turkey’s major real estate developers and have extensive experience in this field, we can advise you on alternative real estate and construction options, allowing you to reap excellent returns while avoiding risks on your development projects thanks to the smart and flexible thinking of our team. Our experience is the design and implementation of development projects with purpose-oriented use.


Real Estate Tours

“Vekildar” is the only way to own a safe real estate in Turkey, as our company gives our valued customers a unique opportunity to view the projects realistically after viewing them through pictures and explanations that contain information related to the real estate. One of our representatives stays with you step by step during the viewing and examination process and explains all the details of the real estate, including the availability of transportation, service and vital facilities; as it provides the customer with a complete picture that includes both advantages and disadvantages.


Lease and Resale “Real Estate Ownership Management”

It is necessary to follow the real estate market. The experts of “Vekildar” will do this task for you, as they will follow up on the latest developments in the Turkish real estate market, and give you wise advice that will ensure that you sell your real estate in a timely manner, as well as follow up the lessee and collect the monthly returns, while ensuring the technical safety of the building. Make sure that your dealings with Vekildar guarantees that your real estate will remain completely safe throughout your absence.


After-Sales Service

The services of “Vekildar” do not stop with just owning your dream building; our company also provides amenities to assist our customers in preparing the real estate for housing and accommodation. As we provide technical support available around the clock to answer all your inquiries and meet your needs after obtaining the title deed, represented in:

Installing gas, electricity, and water pipelines.
Providing maintenance and restoration services for the real estate.
Managing real estate costs if it is for the purpose of investment.
Providing our customers with periodic reports related to the return on investment.
Assisting you in purchasing special furniture and furnishings.
We Are Your Elected Representative
Let us be your representative when deciding to buy a real estate. Your dealing with us guarantees you the following:
Unique real estate deals.
Pioneering and leading team with extensive experience.
Full accompaniment to our customers, starting from thinking about investment until receiving the title deed of the real estate.
Receiving the strongest offers and lowest prices.
Freedom to choose from a huge number of mega projects.
Continuous follow-up even after the purchase.
Distinguished marketing for your real estate and making it a second source of income for you.
Giving thoughtful advice and recommendations that ensure the efficiency and development of real estate.
Finding customers when selling the real estate.