General Contracting Services

Our company “Vekildar” includes the most efficient engineers and technicians with you step by step; To help you fully implement your project. Offering an integrated package of services from construction to completion, through clearance all customs transactions, and meeting customer needs for all factory equipment and ending with everything related to transportation operations of all kinds. Thanks to the accumulated experiences that our company possesses, we have been able to prove our competence in implementing many projects and everything related to them to be spotlight.

Our General Contracting Service Specialties
Building and Construction Contracting

We are able to achieve our goals for more than 15 years ago among the general start-up contracting companies in Turkey as well as, we are able to implement megaprojects represented in commercial buildings, complexes, buildings, administrative buildings, residential districts, and educational institutions. From the innovative designs to the implementation of the rest of the aesthetic elements that transform the design from just a drawing on paper to a building on the ground, and this helped us gain the confidence of our customers.


Commission Contracting

We have our own imprint through our journey in the world of commission contracting; For our ability to find and provide the best innovative and distinguished solutions in ending the buying and selling processes between the parties without any risk or harm to any party.


Commercial Office Contracting

Our company has been and remains a guiding light, and has taken its name from an approach that works to complete all the services needed by the public in all parts of Turkey represented in offices, companies, and individuals, whether they are related to customs clearance, properties management, or debts collection.


Industrial Contracting

We have an ambitious plan to increase our market share in the Turkish industrial contracting market after our overwhelming success. We are always concerned to meet the needs of our customers with the highest quality on time. This is a result of what we were able to provide regarding the equipment of cotton factories, spinning and weaving, clothing and fabrics, and various fields all over Turkey, as the factories will be provided with all the raw materials needed to produce the final product.


Commercial Contracting

With skilled hands and the strongest solutions in our various branches, we are able to provide everything related to the transportation process, including land, maritime, or air transport. We have a specialized team working to provide goods supply services; As we employ the company’s material and human capabilities to meet your needs accurately and professionally.

Advantages of General Contracting Services Provided by ” Vekildar”
Industry experts at the highest level and honorable precedent.
seriousness and commitment
Excellent quality of services for the convenience of our customers.
High efficiency in contracting work.
Extensive experience in the labor market.
We provide the best solutions for the supply of goods and services.
Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
keeping pace with the latest developments and relying on it.
The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.
Continuously follow up from our experts even after receiving the service.
Dealing with us guarantees that you will get a complete real estate, from the design to the final finishes.  
Complete security in all matters related to customs clearance and debt collection.
Our Organizational Excellence

Our desire to succeed has made us having integrated capabilities to carry out the following works in the private and public sectors:

Construction work
Preliminary or finishing work