Request the consulting services of “Vekildar” company and be certain that you will have all of the information you need before taking any action, and that you will be able to make the best decisions for a profitable investment return. We will be your partner in buying, selling, leasing and transforming your real estate assets into profitable projects without any difficulty or complexity. We have an extensive background that enables us to plan with you to achieve your long and short term goals.

Our Business Services
1. Real Estate Consultation

We go beyond traditional solutions and directives to meet real estate needs, whatever they may be. Our team is fully prepared to deal with the most complex cases in coordination with the relevant stakeholders in accordance with the predetermined budget and punctuality. Our real estate strategy and innovative solutions maximize your investment based on prior consideration of operational and financial performance, and regulatory and legal compliance.

2. Legal Consultation

We have an elite of experienced legal experts, in addition to a tax team, who can provide support, advice and guidance with everything from commercial and industrial real estate to complex legal procedures in many aspects of life, as well as tax and legal assistance for leasing residential and non-residential buildings. There is no doubt that, above all, we provide you with a comprehensive and professional analysis to discover the risks that may arise during the sale, purchase or lease.

3. Business Consultation

Vekildar company will help you adapt to market dynamics, as well as face threats based on well-thought-out decisions to prevent any disruptions. Our business consultants are experienced pioneers and leaders who are able to work effectively to make the most appropriate decision for your goal and business. In this section, we integrate business, technology consultations, and industrial practices to help your business thrive.

4. Translation and Ratification of Official Documents

We adhere to all strict government standards of translation by internationally certified linguists who are mostly native to the languages we translate into and from. All translations are subject to review and proofreading by a specialized review team before the translation is ratified, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. We have served thousands of customers with impeccable certified and ratified official translations, starting from:

Required documents for immigration and naturalization.
Required documents for investment.
Business Financial Services.
Legal documents.
Customs documents.
Legal contracts.
Real estate bonds, leases and contracts.
Sales receipts.
Required documents to obtain residence permits.
Required documents to corporate companies and factories.

5. General Consultation in Turkey

Vekildar” company provides a public relations consulting service where we pass on our expertise to you. Whatever your field of work and whatever your needs, here you will find everything you aspire to through qualified experts and consultants to develop your business and follow a steady pace to achieve your aspirations and hopes.

Vekildar Will Help You in Consulting Services?
Conducting a competitive and field analysis for the type of real estate required for investment.
Providing financial and administrative data based on a deep analysis.
Giving accurate details about real estate investment.
Providing all legal consultation and advice before and after the purchase process.
Verifying the title deed before purchasing to ensure that it is free of any debts or fees.
Studying building and planning permits.
Drawing up purchase contracts in line with legitimacy.
Reviewing contracts to ensure that they do not violate the rights of the customer.
Preparing ownership transfer documents.
Sending necessary information to the title deeds office.
Transferring subscriptions to real estate such as gas, electricity and water easily.
Providing a ready-made plan for the stages of profitable investment.
Helping manage problems and developing alternative solutions to overcome difficulties.
Providing guidance and consultation for developing, constructing and renewingresidential and commercial real estate.
Acting as an impartial body to provide advice and guidance on best real estatemanagement practices without any prejudice.
Providing strategies to increase the value of income-generating real estate.
Evaluating land to find out what could hinder or promote the increase of the real estate.
Our team of real estate attorneys is ready to provide legal support in case of construction litigation and out-of-court negotiations.
Vekildar is providing a number of services that will help you choose the necessary tools to analyze and control real estate investments and solve emerging strategic problems.
As we serve many commercial companies of a variety of customers, it gives us invaluable insight and ideas that we can adapt to your industry and business requirements to provide reliable advice.
With regard to translation and ratification of official documents, we are the first company that enjoys the highest levels of reliability and confidentiality.
Our goal is to be a reliable business partner for our customers, responding in a timely manner to them, providing meticulously considered solutions and adding value at every step.